for therapists

Easy, Systematic, and Proven methods!


for therapists

Easy, Systematic, and Proven methods!

Dozens of fun activities and hundreds of curated examples of emotional expression help professionals such as Behaviorists, Speech Language Pathologists, Children Advocacy Consultants, Family Therapists, Psychologists, and Special Needs Professionals working with the Neurodiverse Community, making it easy for parents to reinforce the concepts you introduce.  Best of all—kids love it!

Supported by extensive research and endorsed by leading autism experts, EmotiPlay UnitusTI Therapy Cloud supports and enhances your ongoing therapeutic and educational practice. With EmotiPlay, you have easy access to hundreds of validated, actor-performed examples of facial expression, vocal intonation, and body language, without spending hours scouring the internet. You can reinforce lessons by assigning at-home tasks for parents and kids and tracking their progress.

And it’s fun! Dozens of learning-by-doing activities, exploration ideas, quizzes, role-plays, and hands-on tasks create a rich edutainment (educating entertainment) learning experience.

What makes EmotiPlay UnitusTI Therapy Cloud different?

Other platforms for kids with autism focus on a specific aspect of communication, primarily on speech and language. EmotiPlay helps teach children how to recognize, analyze, and understand emotions holistically, using a structured, systematic learning program.  Based on extensive research done by leading centers such as Cambridge University UK, Karolinska Institute in Sweden, and Bar-Ilan University in Israel, EmotiPlay is recognized and endorsed by the Autism Society of America, the NDIS of Australia, and other health professional organizations worldwide. 


How it works

EmotiPlay makes it simple for therapists to create personalized programs for each child, collaborate with parents and caregivers, and track each child’s progress. 

See it live!

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